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Artist Biography

As a little girl, watching my dad sketch the profile of a horse was magic. That memory may have triggered my interest in what I could do with pencil and paper. I soon discovered an obsession in sketching comic book characters or just anything that I’d see on newspaper margins or whatever blank piece of paper I’d find. The opportunities of volunteering to help make classroom posters and props for school recitals allowed me to draw and initially paint with tempera. While I don’t have formal training or a particular mastery in any medium, between 2001-2002 for about 8 months, I allowed myself to start taking classes with art teachers like SaRa Lee of the San Jose Art Academy; a few years ago took up classes at the Santa Clara Adult Education from Tom Sparacino and Janine Sahn; Sumi-e from Mrs. Amy Wada; Gabriel Coke’s one-week drawing workshop and recently took a few hours of figure drawing from Kristen Lindseth Rivera at the Triton Museum. I mostly enjoy the process of journey that watercolor, soft pastels, acrylics, oils, Sumi-e and, mostly, drawing take me. These experiences help me to learn how to “see”. The challenge of wanting to figure out “how to” teaches me to be patient and forgiving and through this experience I surprise myself with many “wows” and “ahas!” Besides having taken “on-the-go” classes, I enjoy reading and collecting art books on “how to” and those of the Old Masters (Rembrandt, Rubens); in particular, the Impressionists (Renoir, Degas, Cezanne, John Singer Sargent, John Sanders, Ramon Kelley and many others). I hope to continue to improve in portraiture and be able to express the beauty in persons that I know or see. Having been a member of the Los Altos Art Club (LAAC) for a few years, I recently joined the Saratoga Contemporary Artists (SCA) which has been inspiring and encouraging.