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Artist Biography

Visual Artist. Painter/Originals and Giclee Prints. 

B.A. Psychology and studies in Creative Writing, & Art

Places of Exhibit in California: 

-  Monterey Museum of Art  

-  Pacific Art League (Palo Alto)  

-  The Parlor, Monterey, CA 

-  7 Victoria Rise, Skyline Forest, Monterey, CA  

-  Pacific Coast Church, Pacific Grove, CA  

-  Center for Spiritual Enlightenment, San Jose  

-  Saratoga Contemporary Artists, Saratoga, CA  

-  Intel Corporate Headquarters, Silicon Valley 

Artist Statement

I am an intuitive artist and writer and paint from my imagination. Currently I focus on accessing and depicting the coalescence of vibrational energies found in seemingly hidden levels of everyday reality and universal cosmos. Often curvilinear symbolism such as spirals, funnels, and fractels found in nature and evolving science interweave energetically and colorfully on blank canvas to evoke and unveil subterranean views of reality. Humankind’s Evolution of Consciousness and discoveries in quantum and astrophysics are awakening new paradigms for thought and living in today’s complex, frenetic world. Before I create a work of art, I usually spend several minutes in quietude in a meditative state or listen to inspirational music. My creations flow through me as surprising gifts and are not wholly of myself. Thankfully, my artwork travels to far away places in more ways than one, and is gratefully found hanging inside homes across our unfolding ever changing, pulsating world. 

My creative life is compassionately geared to enjoyment of an evolving artistic expression coupled with a heartfelt manifesting vision for peace and goodwill for humanity and all sentient beings. Anything is possible. Even humor and laughter and colorful pictures hopefully bring joy and comfort to onlookers. All is well and will be well. Peace, peace, peace.